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zodiacslash's Journal

+ + + Zodiac Slash + + +
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+ + + Welcome + + +

This is a community divined and commissioned for the sole purpose of slashing David Fincher's 2007 film Zodiac. Not what you were expecting? Navigate far, far away. The moderators of this comm are seasoned fangirls, and concensus on the film seems to be that it's just not fair to have so many attractive actors playing so many readily slashable roles, with all that baggage of RPS to weigh things down with guilt. So, even if you don't need your mind made up, please be certain to observe our rules. Oh, and WELCOME! We hope to see this fandom expand and blossom.

+ + + Rules + + +
1. Feel free to post discussion topics, questions, fic, graphics, videos, anything as long as it is in keeping with the community's main topic - but BE NICE. We have zero tolerance for flames and wank. We're all here to have fun.

2. This community will contain adult themes, and if you've seen an R-rated film you should be in the clear...but just so we're absolutely understood, this is not a place for minors. >___>

3. I like to think this is the most important "rule", but it isn't a rule, so to speak. We are very well aware that this movie is based off of real-life events, and real-life people. We want to say that we respect the actual people involved and mean no slander to them by creating and contributing to this community. Mostly...we just thought the movie gave us, as slashers, too much to work with to be ignored.

+ + + Moderators + + +
pinkocracy + mrbnatural

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